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Where can I buy MXC Coin?

There are currently 8 digital asset exchanges where Machine Xchange Coin (MXC) can be traded.

Below is the most up-to-date list of the cryptocurrency exchanges where MXC is listed and available for trading.

We've also worked to collect helpful information on each crypto exchange including supported payment methods, highlighted reviews from 3rd parties, and the exchange pairs for MXC coin available at each exchange.

Buy / Trade MXC Coin on these exchanges

Bithumb Logo visit
MXC / KRW$0.02439382 USD
Founded in 2014, Bithumb currently has over 8 million registered users, one million mobile app users (available on Android and iOS), and a cumulative transaction volume exceeding one trillion US dollars.

Currently the cryptocurrency exchange offers up 100+ trading pairs including MXC / KRW.

  • Payment Methods: Fiat currency deposits and withdrawals are only available to South Korean residents using KRW.
Highlighted Reviews:

"Bithumb’s website is quite simple and easy to use. It features all of the necessary links on its homepage, as well as a separate page dedicated to information on Bithumb Cash. The interface is multi-lingual and offers translations in six different languages. One downside is that the exchange does not offer a mobile app, which could deter those who are looking for extra practicality from using the exchange" ...

"Overall, the exchange has an amazing user interface and provides a variety of tokens. Also, Bithumb is very good especially for South Koreans, as it offers fiat currency trading. Western users can compare or can try other options" ...

Bithumb Global Logo visit
MXC / USDT$0.01804926 USD
Bithumb Global
Bithumb Global officially launched on May 14, 2019 and is a part of the Bithumb Family.

Currently the cryptocurrency exchange offers over 250 trading pairs including MXC / USDT.

  • Payment Methods: VISA MasterCard UnionPay SEPA Apple Pay instapay DuitNow AliPay PromptPay FPS PAYNOW ViettelPay Interact e-Transer PayID flexepin BPAY iDEAL POLI blueshyft gojek
Highlighted Reviews:

"Bithumb Global is a solid cryptocurrency exchange that will satisfy the needs of most crypto traders. The platform is packed with features, and offers a huge selection of different crypto assets for trading. The fiat currency support is also a very nice touch, particularly for users who are new to cryptocurrency investing and trading. " ...

Huboi Global logo visit
MXC / USDT$0.02433149 USD
MXC / BTC$0.02439601 USD
Huobi Global
Founded in 2013, Huobi is a Singapore-based cryptocurrency exchange as is a publicly listed Hong Kong company.

Currently the cryptocurrency exchange offers over 700 trading pairs including MXC / USDT, MXC / BTC.

  • Payment Methods: Blockchain asset wallet
Highlighted Reviews:

"Overall, Huobi offers an elevated exchange experience that lives up to its high-flying reputation as one of crypto’s best exchanges. It’s not easy to impress when it comes to exchanges but Huobi does exactly that with its instant customer service, fast and smooth user interface, and highly secure exchange with a litany of options for protecting your account. " ...

Huobi Korea logo visit
MXC / BTC$0.02460086 USD
Huobi Korea
Founded in 2013, Huobi is a Singapore-based cryptocurrency exchange as is a publicly listed Hong Kong company. Huobi Korea is the South Korean version for Huobi.

Currently the cryptocurrency exchange offers over 340 trading pairs including MXC / BTC.

  • Payment Methods: Blockchain asset wallet Logo visit
MXC / USDT$0.02457052 USD
MXC / BTC$0.02445413 USD
MXC / ETH$0.02566099 USD
As of 2020, become the very first mainstream blockchain asset trading platform that offers audited proof of 100% collateral.

Currently the cryptocurrency exchange offers over 400 trading pairs including MXC / USDT, MXC / BTC, MXC / ETH.

  • Payment Methods: Fiat currency is not supported on You can only deposit crypto-currencies that are listed on the exchange.
Highlighted Reviews:

"All in all, is an excellent altcoin exchange for more experienced crypto market traders. Apart from the variety of altcoins, it also lures investors with its lucrative 10x margin trading, perpetual contracts, best in class IEO platform and even financial services like Margin Lending, Borrowing or Periodic Investment Plans. It may be just too much to digest for the market beginners, but everyone else could find what they were looking for at the exchange." ...

Bibox Logo visit
MXC / USDT$0.02436446 USD
Bibox was founded in 2017 and currently has offices in Singapore and New York, New York.

Currently the cryptocurrency exchange offers over 225 trading pairs including MXC / USDT.

  • Payment Methods: BTC ETH USDT DAI
Highlighted Reviews:

"The website and platform operate very smoothly, and the customer support is pretty good as well. It is unfortunate that this exchange doesn’t offer fiat currency pairings, but this isn’t a make or break deal for many. All in all, the Bibox exchange is a pretty good exchange with decent trade volume and very low fees." ...

BKEX Logo visit
MXC / USDT$0.02461478 USD
BKEX is a centralized cryptocurrency exchange established in 2018 and located in British Virgin Islands

Currently the cryptocurrency exchange offers over 380 trading pairs including MXC / USDT.

  • Payment Methods: Cryptocurrency only
ChainX Logo visit
MXC / KRWprice not available
ChainX is one of the largest crypto exchanges based in Korea.

  • Payment Methods: Blockchain asset wallet

What is MXC Coin?

MXC is building a global data network to allow wireless devices to connect and communicate more efficiently and over longer distances than currently used WiFi and Bluetooth methods.

The decentralized infrastructure upon which MXC’s system is based is the future of Low Power Wide Access Network (LPWAN) and the Machine eXchange Protocol (MXProtocol). Utilizing this solid device network foundation, MXC is introducing an extraordinarily unique coin offering, Machine eXchange Coin (MXC), which allows for increased data transactions and an idiosyncratic data flow monetization within the mammoth data market.

Whether for individuals or big companies, the need for a specified network concentrating on machines and machine data is here to stay. It will play a bigger part in supporting both individuals and businesses than ever before. MXProtocol introduces the next generation of LPWAN with a superior IoT data platform and a premium network experience, allowing for a simplified and expedited way to create a secure and efficient solution for IoT.

MXC Coin's Details

Total Supply 2,664,965,801
Circulating Supply 2,437,203,515
Market Cap $59,600,701 USD
Market Cap Rank #422
All Time High $0.05665 USD
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